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Set yourself up for success in a changing property market.
We've got everything you need to promote yourself online. 
It's ready and waiting. You just need to take action.
6 months of content + lots of bonus's
Digital and social media marketing is vital to promoting your real estate services. It's how you stay front-of-mind with prospective clients. But posting daily to your socials alone doesn't work.

Is it easy to build a marketing funnel yourself? Hell, no!
Can we fast track the process and launch your funnel in as little as 2 weeks? Yes!!!
In fact, we'll ensure you avoid making common mistakes.

Promote yourself like an expert
All the training and strategies I offer are used by me (and thousands of other digital professionals) because we know how online marketing works. You can grow your reputation and generate leads the same way. 

Listen to my video to discover how this program can help you maintain your business and generate a steady flow of real estate listings.  
It's time to ... get digital
Social media and digital marketing is not a myth

With the right smarts, high-value content and an advertising budget, you will generate leads.

This program, gives you everything you need, at a fraction of the regular cost.

You don’t need to be social media or technology whizz to do it. 

Let's unpack the program. 
HURRY, places are limited.
Here's what you get
Digital Strategy
Discover how to grow your reputation and generate leads

My entire digital strategy explained, from top to bottom, using easy to understand terms and concepts. 

You'll be wondering why you didn't do this sooner! 
Social Media Calendar
You'll receive a social media marketing calendar

Not only will you have an easy to follow schedule but you'll have our help and support from my team for the duration of the program. 
26 Pre-Written Blogs
Your blogs have been pre-written and are ready for you to publish to your website. 

No website? No problem. You can use LinkedIn to promote yourself.

In addition to each blog article, we provide pre-written social media posts and email newsletter copy. 

Plus, each blog comes with a set of three images from which to choose (pre-formatted in the correct sizes for website banners and social media thumbnails). 

All you have to do is upload the content – following the calendar schedule we send you.

The only skills you need are an ability to cut and paste!
Where is the property market heading in 2024?
Thinking of selling? Your property questions answered
Eco-smart techniques to reduce your energy bill 
Health benefits of indoor plants & how to keep them alive
What top economists predict for the real estate market
5 reasons to sell in the current market
8 key steps for pre-sale home preparation
Buy first, or sell first? The conundrum answered!
Perfect DIY home maintenance projects
Ways to be a good neighbour and involved in the community
Fun yard games to get kids off devices and playing outside
At-home cooking: how to get everyone involved
Selling property under duress: debt or divorce
Selling a deceased estate - important tasks
3 ways to add value to your home, pre-sale
How to make home improvements on a budget
Drop the gym membership & grab 5 cool exercise gadgets
How to rightsize your home, whatever your life stage
7 homewares from decades 
past making a comeback
Why property will be your passport to a better future
Why home styling helps get the best sales price
Marketing your home to stand out from the crowd
How to get home buyers to attend inspections
3 best home sale price negotiation strategies
Alternate Content Packs
Don't work in homes sales? Not a problem. We have pre-written content to suit ...

✅ Property Managers
✅ Buyers Agents, and 
✅ Commercial Agents too!
Image Library
You'll gain access to 72+ images to upload to your blog

All images have been cropped, resized and optimised for both social and search engines.
BONUS Beautifully Designed Downloadable Guide
7 secrets to a successful home sale
Help local home owners have a positive sales experience. Better still, identify potential leads before your competitors! We'll also personalise this guide with your logo and brand name.

In this pre-written guide we cover;
1. Why get your agent in early
2. Make a plan and plot your timeline
3. Know your numbers
4. Style your home to create emotional impact
5. Marketing tools that make a difference
6. Handling home opens
7. Stay positive and trust the process
BONUS Landing Page
Don't have anywhere to 'house' your downloadable guide? Fear not - we'll create your landing pages

My team will create a set of web pages for you, with a form and automated email, so that you can capture prospective home sellers' contact details with ease.
BONUS Training Webinars
Each step of the program includes a free webinar training session that'll explain key concepts and walk you through tasks.
Lesson 1: intro to digital marketing
Lesson 2: program strategy
Lesson 3: grow connections
Lesson 4: blogging & vlogging
Lesson 5: lead generation
Lesson 6: write compelling posts & emails
Lesson 7: social scheduling tools
Lesson 8: Facebook advertising
Lesson 9: Google advertising
Lesson 10: reading online reports
Private Support
The Hoole team will be on hand to help if you have questions

My team and I will be available to troubleshoot, answer training questions and help if you get stuck.
Get the low down from our clients
We work with real estate professionals just like you. Agency owners and their teams, individual agents, buyers agents, property managers and commercial agents. We help you create a first-class reputation so that people get to know, like and trust you, with a focus on generating inbound leads.
AU$24,000 VALUE FOR A$3,200
NZ$26,300 VALUE FOR A$3,500
Option 1: pay a one time fee of A$3,200 / NZ$3,500
Option 2: pay 3 instalments of A$1,200 / NZ$1,300 (four weeks apart)
This carefully crafted package includes everything you need to increase your brand visibility in your neighbourhood as well as generate leads into your contact database, with a downloadable guide. We'll help you attract people to your website, drawing them out of Google and social media. People who are thinking of selling their home in the near future.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: perfect for sales agents, property managers and buyers agents
  • Calendar of activities: Calendar of activities: 26 week pre-planned schedule
  • 26 pre-written blogs: topics aligned with the current market
  • ​26 emails: to accompany your blogs
  • 26 social media messages: to accompany your blogs
  • 72+ images: cropped and optimised for social media and Google SEO
  • 10-page Downloadable Guide (PDF): a lead magnet, driving contacts into your database
  • Lead capture webpages + email sequence: this is where we house your Downloadable Guide
As an added bonus you'll be invited to participate in 10 x Online Training Webinars where I will personally walk you through every step of my digital strategy, as well as share tips and tricks for managing your own online activities. 
  • Lesson 1: Gain an introduction to digital marketing
  • Lesson 2: Learn about this program strategy
  • Lesson 3: Learn how to grow connections
  • Lesson 4: Learn about blogging & vlogging
  • Lesson 5: Learn about lead generation tools
  • Lesson 6: Learn to write compelling posts & emails
  • Lesson 7: Learn to leverage scheduling tools
  • Lesson 8: Learn about Facebook advertising
  • Lesson 9: Learn about Google advertising
  • Lesson 10: Learn to read online reports and statistics
Plus you'll gain access to my team who'll undertake the set up tasks and answer questions to help you get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Following are a few questions we have been asked about this program. Feel free to email me at if you have further questions you'd like answered.

– Why is the price so low? 
Compared to what our regular clients pay, you're gaining a saving of 80% or more. We are only able to offer this because you will be uploading the content and running your Facebook ads yourself (with training and guidance from us). You will also be sharing the same content as other program participants, but you can personalise it to your suburbs and we will explain how. 

This is a Do It Yourself style program that suits those of you that have a marketing or admin staff member on hand, or the ability to find time yourself to manage production activities. Note: you can upload all the content in advance (e.g. over a weekend) after which you only have to log in to your social media accounts a couple of times a week to post and manage ads. The ads then do the work for you!  

– How long is the program? 
26 weeks (6 months) giving you ample time to build awareness and drive leads into your database before throughout the current season. We'll hold your hand all the way through, plus with 10 video training sessions (and 3 bonus homework tutorials) included you'll have plenty of help and guidance. If you can't make the training session, we'll share a recording.

– Do you create webpages for us? 
Yes we do! We set up your lead generation pages to house your downloadable guide. These are called landing pages and your guide is your lead magnet. Contacts who download the guide will be collected for you and sent an automated thank you email. P.S. You don't need an existing website.

– How many leads should you expect to get? 
Good question. This depends on a few factors, such as how big your existing contact database is, how many people are located in your key suburb(s), the quality of your social connections and whether you put ad budget behind your posts. 

Clients that we actively manage have on average 2,500 contacts in their database (but you can start with zero). Through social media they're able to reach between 3,000 to 5,000 people on social media across their neighbourhood each week. Clients we manage receive around 3 to 5 leads each week. But the caveat is that we can't guarantee leads and we won't be able to track people that contact you by phone or direct email. But we can confirm that you'll be more visible in your market than ever before and have a huge advantage over your competitors. 

Social media and search marketing is the cheapest and most targeted way to generate leads for your business.

This real estate marketing program is brought to you by Hoole Marketing Pty Ltd

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